The Artists Society provides students with an opportunity for artistic self-expression and a platform to showcase their creativity. It fosters an environment of curiosity, where members can explore various art techniques and collaborate with peers who share their passion. The club actively engages in school events and competitions, highlighting the skills and talents of its members and enriching the local arts scene. Joining this club not only helps students develop their artistic abilities but also boosts their self-assurance and connects them with like-minded individuals who have a deep appreciation for the arts.

Contact Information for Sponsor / Presidents

Brian Taylor 
Email: Brian.Taylor@hcps.net

Senior President
Sydney Nichols

Junior President
Libby Lewis



SPONSOR: Brian Taylor

CLUB PURPOSE: The Artists Society offers students a creative outlet and platform to express themselves through art. It encourages exploration, learning new techniques, and collaboration with like-minded individuals. The club participates in school events and competitions, showcasing members’ talent and contributing to the vibrant arts community. By joining, students develop skills, gain confidence, and connect with others who share their love of art.

CRITERIA FOR MEMBERSHIP: The art club welcomes individuals with a passion for creativity and expression, from all walks of life. It offers a welcoming environment for exploring interests and skill development. Regular meetings, workshops, exhibitions, and events showcase members’ work, fostering a sense of community and connecting people over their shared love of creativity.


-Attends all ICC meetings.
-Create, plan, organize, and execute one fundraiser for the year.
-Creates agendas for all meetings.
-Communicates information to all members.
-Oversees the responsibilities of all club officers.

Social Media Team:
-Manages all social media accounts.
-At least two posts per month

-Organizes, plans, manages, and oversees at least one community outreach event for the year.

-In charge of organizing club donations and other monetary proceedings -Tracks club resources and alerts presidents when payments must be made for materials used within the club -Brainstorms ideas for fundraisers -Communicates with outside organizations regarding financial support

-Documents progress of meetings throughout the school year -Records attendance of club members -Required to have access to the constitution at all meetings

CLUB MEETING INFORMATION: The club will hold monthly meetings, increase open studio meetings, and hold a fundraiser in spring. The location of all meetings will be room 215. They aim to showcase members’ talent, participate in regional art exhibitions, collaborate with local clubs, and invite outside speakers. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for artists of all skill levels and backgrounds to collaborate and grow.

WORKING AT FUNCTIONS: This club offers a fun experience without stress-inducing activities, including social events and community service projects. It encourages members to explore interests, make new friends, and share ideas for activities. Attend meetings and participate in at least one project this year.

APPEARANCE AT FUNCTIONS: At club meetings, we aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their artistic opinions. We encourage respectful and considerate communication, avoiding hurtful language. We believe constructive criticism can improve our craft, but it should be delivered in a kind and supportive manner. Our goal is to foster a community of artists who inspire and uplift each other through their creativity and passion for the arts.

BEING PLACED ON PROBATION/ REMOVED FROM ROSTER: A club member must respect others’ opinions and follow rules to maintain a positive and productive environment. Being on probation or removed from the roster can result in missed opportunities and missed networking. As for board positions, participation and attitude are the most important thing.

DUES: Dues this year will be 10 dollars. this will be available through MyPaymentPlus